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Training and Programs

We Aim To Create Widespread Awareness

Amongst people about Critical Care Medicine through rigorous educational activities like publishing literature, pamphlets & books.

We conduct and participate in international, national, state and city level conferences, courses, symposia, seminars & workshops.

At W4C Critical Care Foundation, we offer a range of training programs designed to equip medical professionals with the skills and knowledge they need to provide the highest level of critical care. Our programs include Mechanical Ventilation, Nursing Critical Care, Doctors Critical Care Teaching, and Oxygen Therapy.

Our Mechanical Ventilation program is designed to provide participants with a deep understanding of mechanical ventilation and its applications in critical care. We cover topics such as patient assessment, ventilator management, and troubleshooting common issues.

Our Nursing Critical Care program is aimed at nurses who work in critical care settings. We cover topics such as hemodynamics, pharmacology, and patient care. Our program is designed to enhance the skills and knowledge of nurses, enabling them.

We Aim To Create Widespread Awareness (W4C)

What We Offer

  • Most of our offerings are related to Critical Care Medicine and it includes
  • Promote scientific, educational and research activities in the field of Critical Care Medicine
  • Mentor ICUs and Intensivists and ICU Nurses and other Paramedical Staff
  • Plan, Build and run ICUs and emergencies
  • To provide continuous/Intermittent support to Critical Care units
  • To organize Conferences, seminars, symposia on topics related to Critical Care Medicine to augment knowledge and skill of doctors and Nurses. Also, to create awareness amongst the society about the related topics like Antibiotics, Prevention of Infection, End of Life support
  • To run and teach Acute Cardiac Life Support and Basic Life support
  • To run structured Courses for doctors and Nurses in Critical Care Medicine
  • To publish blogs, books and other literature for promotion of Critical Care Medicine
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