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W4C Critical Care Foundation

Narendra Rungta (W4C)

Transforming Critical Care Training & Support

We are a non-profit making trust registered with the Government of Rajasthan (India) under trust act 1959. With 30 years of experience in designing and running ICUs and Emergency Departments in corporate and trust hospitals, we envision to help provide the best in critical care, because we understand the value of life. Along with critical care unit planning, we also provide short term training courses specially designed for medical professionals on critical and emergency care.

Our trustees have played a fundamental role in giving suggestions and guidelines in the installation and administering of Critical and Emergency Care units of several hospitals across India.

Our foundation is keen to train doctors, nurses & other paramedical staff in emergency and critical care medicine and assist hospitals with Critical Care staffing.

We conduct both onsite and remote programs on digital platforms.

Dr. Rungta has been Chairman, Guidelines Committee ISCCM, to plan and Design ICU in india.

Our Mission

Our Mission (W4C)

To provide quality critical care training to medical professionals and complete solutions to critical care departments in hospitals

Our Vision

Our Vision W4C

To Promote & to motivate to building state of the art critical and emergency care in India


  • To promote scientific, educational activities and research in the field of Critical Care Medicine.
  • To train doctors, nurses and other medical professionals in the field of Critical Care Medicine.
  • To organize medical health camps, medical education and training certification courses & campaigns in Critical Care Medicine.
  • To organize and participate in medical conferences in India and abroad.
  • To develop new technologies for critical care medical education.
  • To develop and publish literature, journals and books on critical care medicine.
  • To partner with similar organizations for creating awareness about diseases and medicines.
  • To provide assistance and consultation to remote doctors and nurses through telemedicine.
  • To plan, build and manage ICUs in India and abroad.

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About us

W4C Critical Care Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the quality of critical care through education and resources. Our mission is to advance the field of critical care and improve patient outcomes by providing healthcare professionals with high-quality training programs and resources.

Our team of experts has a deep understanding of critical care, with a particular focus on mechanical ventilation, nursing critical care, and oxygen therapy. We work closely with our partners to deliver tailored training programs that meet the specific needs of our participants.

At W4C Critical Care Foundation, we are committed to providing the highest level of education and resources to medical professionals around the world. We believe that through education, we can improve the quality of care provided to critically ill patients, leading to improved outcomes.

Our vision is to become a global leader in critical care education and resources. We are committed to working towards a future where every critically ill patient receives the best possible care, regardless of their location or circumstances.

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